The magic of networks_dandelion

The Magic within your Networks

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Flashback! I was feeling stuck. My mission was to secure new UK customers for my client in Sweden within a few months. The problem was I had zero contacts and the product was not favoured in the UK. I had limited time available to get a result and no idea where to start. Why oh why had I agreed to take on this mammoth task? I now had to rise to the challenge or admit defeat…

Match flame inside a lightbulb

Hold that Thought!

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My coaching clients who are just starting out on their projects often have these questions racing around in their heads: Can I really do this? Is it realistic for me to do this? Is it too risky? These are sensible questions of course, but once all the background research is done and some plans are laid, if these questions are …

One reason to meditate

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I meditate every day and love it. There are so many reasons to meditate. I wrote this piece about one of them for myself some time ago, remembered it today and decided to share it:

I am so grateful for meditation – it has taught me to pause.